A Journey
Towards Hope

 If there’s only one idea you take away from COMMONWAY church, make it be this: True hope for your life, your relationships, and your community exists – not in “something” we can acquire, but in “Someone” we can know and trust. Everything we do as a church is to make that introduction.

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About Commonway

Commonway Church is a community of individuals inviting people to find hope in Jesus. We gather on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM in the heart of downtown Muncie at the Horizon Convention center to do just that. Whether you’ve never heard of Jesus, are skeptical about who He is, haven’t been to a church in awhile, or are looking for a church to call home, we invite you to check us out!

What We Value  

What to Expect

We know that visiting a church for the first time can be a bit intimidating. We think you’ll find visiting Commonway a welcoming experience.
Why You'll Be Welcomed


Here’s a list of the common questions people ask about Commonway Church. Feel free to contact us via phone, Facebook, or Twitter if you have any additional questions!

“I’m still discovering, right up to this moment, that it is only by living completely in this world that one learns to have faith. I mean living unreservedly in life’s duties, problems, successes and failures, experiences and perplexities. In so doing, we throw ourselves completely into the arms of God.”

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Our staff and leadership team is made up of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. But they have two things in common – they love God and are passionate about what He is doing at Commonway.
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Please reach out to us if you have questions about anything Commonway! You can follow the link below or connect with us on social media and we will respond to your inquiry ASAP!

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