Small Groups

Church is more than Sunday mornings. It's people doing life together.

We believe church is more than worship on Sundays. It’s a community of believers encouraging and supporting one another! Thus, we invite you to join our small groups that meet on a weekly basis around the Muncie area. Here you can be part of a relaxed community of friends that encourage you to take the next step in your faith journey, no matter what that may be. Regardless of your age, lifestage, or weekly schedule, there’s a small group out there we think you’d love.

Small Group FAQs

All your questions answered.

What is the purpose of small groups?

Our Sunday gatherings are great to learn more about God and the hope He provides, but to really get plugged in at Commonway and meet new friends, small groups are your starting point. Their purpose is twofold: (1) to discuss God’s story and the hope He provides in a group setting and (2) learn the stories of people in the church and build encouraging and supportive relationships.

How do I join a small group?

To join a small group, the first step is to contact our Connections Pastor, Jeremy Neckers. You can do that right here on this page, you can email him at, or you can get more info at our Connections Table on Sunday mornings.

Where and when do small groups meet?

Groups meet in homes around the Muncie area. Most groups meet weekly on a given evening while some meet every other week.

What is a typical small group meeting like?

Most of the time, groups get together for a couple hours. We develop authentic relationships through living their lives together in a relaxed atmosphere. Most meetings involve sharing laughing, talking about God’s story, and praying. We also look for ways to serve the community together.

Will I be pressured to share anything?

Of course not! Feel free to share as many personal insights as you want. You will not be pressured to read or pray aloud either. As a group consistently meets and gets to know each other, you’ll find it much easier to trust members in your group and share your story.

Do groups meet outside of their weekly scheduled times?

This really depends on the group, but many of our groups choose to meet occasionally just to have fun together as well as to participate in various projects to serve our community.

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