Strength through Christ.
Strength through Brotherhood.

The seeds of Sequoia trees, the largest and tallest trees in the world, are so tiny that it takes 125,000 of them to weigh a pound. And furthermore, their roots are only 12-14 feet deep; it is only through their collective intermingling root system that they grow as tall and strong as they do. As men, we can try to do life all by ourselves, never relying on another out of misplaced pride or shame. Or we can become strong through each other, admitting that we don’t always have our stuff together. We can rely on each other, through Christ, for a deep source of strength.

Men’s Group is currently taking a break for the summer. Look for announcements for when we resume in the fall!

Why a Men’s Group?

Every guy needs a place where they can let down their guard, recharge, and get encouragement & wisdom. Commonway Men’s Group is an intentional opportunity for us to do these things. There are all sorts of men, young & old, who perhaps know of one another, but haven’t necessarily taken time to know each other, and learn from our common experiences in life.

Should it replace my small group?

No. We realize that a traditional mixed gender small group can be incredible valuable to one’s faith journey. Commonway Men’s Group fulfills a different purpose and need guys have to connect with each and is not designed to replace your small group.

What do you guys do at a typical meeting?

Mostly we just hold hands, do trust falls, and sing kum-by-ya. Just kidding. A typical session has a particular topic focus, whether that’s work, relationships, identity, etc. We engage in discussions, share some laughs, and walk away with bits of wisdom and insight – from both scripture and shared life experiences – about what biblical manhood means. Occasionally we will just have a hangout night where we have a cookout or wrestle bears. Just kidding again about the bears.

Can any man attend at any time?

In short, yes. Any man can start attending at any time because sessions do not build on each other. We hope if you do start attending that you’ll make the commitment to do so regularly because that’s a necessity to develop beneficial relationships!

Need advice right now? We’ve got you covered.


Feel free to reach out to Tony Pantello, the Commonway Men’s Group facilitator, with any questions or man tips you have.



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