Summertime brings a change in our calendars, rhythms, and habits. We spend more time outdoors, going on adventures with family, traveling to favorite spots, and maximizing all of the extra daylight. It’s a favorite season for many people, for good reason.

At the same time, it’s easy to  find ourselves unintentionally upending the habits that help us stay connected to God and our faith. You don’t need to feel guilty about it—we all find ourselves in that place at some point.

What you can do, though, is plan ahead and find ways to create new habits that help you prioritize what matters most. Here are four ways technology can help you stay connected this summer.

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The Bible App (iOS / Android

  • This is the only Bible App you’ll ever need. It’s free and packed with features: dozens of translations, over a thousand devotionals and reading plans, audio Bibles, videos, and much more. Set reminders to read or create verse art to share on social media. See what your friends are reading and be encouraged by one another. And now, you can follow along with Commonway’s message each Sunday through the “Events” feature. 

Abide (iOS / Android

  • Abide is a prayer app that helps you experiencing moments of contemplation and reflection wherever you go. With Guides and individual prayers across a range of topics, you’ll find this to be a powerful tool that leads you into scripture, meditation, and an attitude of prayer throughout your day.


The Commonway Podcast (iTunes / Google Play / website)

  • It’s easy to catch up on Commonway’s message with the Commonway podcast, available on iTunes, Google Play Music, our website, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Go back and listen to older messages and share ones that really impacted you with friends.

The Bible App for Kids (iOS / Android)

  • Don’t forget the kids! Whether it’s a nightly bedtime routine or while they’re in the van on a long road trip, kids absolutely love to play with, listen to, and learn from the Bible App for Kids. Created by the same team behind the Bible App, this app has 41 Bible stories designed for kids, with touch-activated animations, kid-friendly navigation, and activities that help kids remember what they’re learning. And it’s completely free, too!



Because you read to the end, here are four bonus apps to check out: