Small Group Questions

Taking Back Monday

from November 12

  1. This might be more difficult for some to answer… What’s your favorite part of your job? What’s your favorite part of your job?  (Keep in mind; we don’t all equate “job” with a paycheck.)
  2. There are a number of words that we use to define work: job, occupation, career, or vocation. Is there a difference among those terms? Does it matter to you what word or words you use to explain what you do?
  3. Read Ecclesiastes 1.1-11 together. Remember – this is Solomon, king, leader among men, wisest among the wise. This isn’t some armchair philosopher with a pessimistic worldview.  So what do we do with this? How can this help frame our understanding of work?
  4. Read Ecclesiastes 4.4-6. Think about your work. Are you tired or exhausted? Is it the demands of the job that weigh you down? Or maybe it’s your perspective? Or perhaps it’s a bit of both?
  5. Thinking in personal or general terms, what do you think drives us to identify our self-worth with our work? This is a big question that speaks to us regardless of income or job title.
  6. Read 1 John 3.1. How does this help you? Challenge you? How do we allow God to define our worth? And how does that change our understanding of work?