Annual Shoe Drive Kicks Off

Do you want to help kids who have a very basic need heading into the new school year? For several years, Commonway has contributed to the Hearts & Hands United annual shoe drive. Churches and individuals from around Muncie help by providing new shoes that…
Adam Bouse
July 7, 2016

Old West End Neighborhood Clean Up Day

The 2nd annual Clean Up Day is almost here! A great event for small groups, families, and anyone who wants to lend a helping hand to our neighbors. A variety of jobs provide opportunity for everyone to get involved. Picking up trash on the street,…
Adam Bouse
April 24, 2016
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Who Are Our Local Mission Partners?

This is a thank you card we recently received from Southside Middle School. Over the course of February, Commonway collected food and hygiene items, along with new or gently used clothing, to supply the "Panther Pantry," a new program at Southside focused on providing essential supplies…
Adam Bouse
March 10, 2016
Mission & ValuesMissions

Who Are Our Global Mission Partners?

Did you know that Commonway partners with organizations, locally and globally, to do good work, restore what is broken, and provide hope in tangible ways? In fact, we have committed to direct 10% of everything you give at Commonway back out to strategic partners, organizations, and…
Adam Bouse
March 9, 2016

Southside Middle School Food and Clothing Drive

During the month of February, we are collecting items to stock the Southside Middle School “Panther Pantry,” a new initiative to provide supplementary food, hygiene, and clothing items for students who may need them while away from school over the weekend. This is a great,…
Adam Bouse
February 2, 2016

Help-Portrait: A Picture-Perfect Gift

For over five years, Commonway has participated in a global movement called Help-Portrait to empower photographers to use their skills, tools, and expertise to give back to their local communities—by taking professional photos and giving them away for free. This year, the global Help-Portrait community…
Adam Bouse
November 10, 2015