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Writer's Circle

Lessons from a Running Back

As football season gets closer to its big game, the Super Bowl, it has me thinking about my time as a running back on our high school football team.  One of the most valuable lessons of my life came from those years, but it was…
Dwight Ferris
January 24, 2020
Writer's Circle

Summer’s Here and Summer’s Gone

Summer’s Here and Summer’s Gone by Gabriele Replogle Ahhhhh, is it time for Sleepy summer days Lazy hammock breezy days Catching rays and catching waves Flying flags and big parades Crickets chirp and birds serenade Grills are lighted and friendships made   Busy nights, busy…
Gabriele Replogle
July 19, 2019
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Summer: When Rest Requires Work

When Rest Requires Work By Melia Ozbun When I tell most people my family is avid campers, I usually get the same surprised response. “That’s not relaxing, that’s work.” And to be honest, their response is partly correct. Camping is work. When else do you…
Melia Ozbun
July 8, 2019
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Summer: The Birth of the Adventure Day

The Birth of the Adventure Day By Leah Chandler It was the summer of 2003, back in our college ministry days, which often meant packing up the family and heading to whatever mountain or coast was hosting a summer leadership project for our college students.…
Leah Chandler
July 5, 2019
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The Joy of (Great) grand-parenting

Have you ever wondered what makes a GREAT grandparent? I know I have. I’ve asked myself questions like: "What can I, as a grandparent, bring to the table that strengthens our family’s dynamic?"   "What can I plan to do with my grandkids that will be…
Dwight Ferris
June 14, 2019
LentWriter's Circle

Day Two: Your Personal Journey

Day Two: Your Personal Journey Written by Jeremy Neckers “God is not interested in your “spiritual life.” God is just interested in your life. He intends to redeem it.” -John Ortberg The Life You’ve Always Wanted My wife Maggie has this great thing she says…
Jeremy Neckers
March 7, 2019
LentWriter's Circle

Day One: What Is Lent

Day One; What is Lent? Written by Matt Carder Welcome to our daily readings for Lent. We’re glad you’re curious enough about this to find yourself reading Day 1—you’re off to a great start! Our hope and prayer is that we all find the writings…
Matt Carder
March 6, 2019