If you love eating tasty food, hanging out with great people, and playing games—all in a beautiful setting—you will want to be at Chili Bowl 2015.


The 4th Annual Chili Bowl will take place on October 4 from 4:00-7:00pm. We’ll be gathering at the home of Wil and Cindy Davis—a beautiful space located at 2950 E County Road 766 S Muncie, IN 47302. (For reference, it’s about a 20 minute drive south from downtown Muncie and downtown Yorktown.)

What to Expect:

  • This is a family-friendly, fun event for everyone. In fact, invite friends and extended family, too! For someone who may not be comfortable going to church, this can be a great way to experience the community at Commonway.
  • We’ll have a few organized activities you can choose to participate in, but otherwise it’s come-and-go as you please.
  • What else? Bounce houses, kid’s activities, campfires, s’mores, flag football, cornhole, and more!

What to Bring

  • A pitch-in, a carry-in, a potluck—call it what you like. But no matter what you call it, what you bring is what we all get to enjoy! We’ll take care of the essentials—plates, bowls, plastic ware, cups, and drinks. You get to provide the good stuff.
  • We’ll have a tent, tables, and chairs setup for eating – but you can still plan to bring your own camping chairs, too.
  • If your last name starts with A-R, please bring a side dish that serves at least 10-15. Fruits, veggies, salad, cornbread, coleslaw…you decide. Kid-friendly options are always great, too. PB&J, mac ‘n cheese, portable and/or finger foods. Please bring a serving utensil (if required).
  • If your last name starts with S-Z, please bring a dessert that serves at least 10-15. Cake, pie, cheesecake, donuts, cookies, brownies – let’s be honest, we aren’t going to be picky! Wow us with your seasonal delights. Please bring a serving utensil (if required).
  • You can also bring chili without having to be in the competition. The more the merrier!
  • Want to bring a Frisbee, football, kites, or lawn games? Go for it! We’ll have some on hand, too.

Chili Competition

  • We’re raising the bar for our competition this year. New categories, a new judging system, and we’re bringing back the “People’s Choice” award.
  • Remember: you can also bring chili without having to be in the competition. But then you can’t win the golden trophy or prizes!
  •  Logistics:
    • If you’re planning to bring chili, let us know. But you can also make it a game-time decision if needed.
    • Bring your chili to the big tent when you arrive. To be a part of the competition your chili must be on the table by 4:15pm, when judging begins.
    • We will have power strips available to keep the chili heated, so Crockpots work best.
    • We will also provide cards for you to write a brief description of your dish, including a heat-rating. Please provide a serving ladle or spoon.
    • For judging purposes, no additional toppings (cheese, sour cream, etc.) will be allowed.
  • Categories:
    • Traditional: red chili with beef or turkey, no pasta
    • Homestyle: red chili with any meat, pasta allowed
    • Exotic: any base, with any ingredients and meat (examples: pumpkin, exotic meats, white or green chili, etc.)
    • Vegetarian: any base, with beans and any ingredients, excluding meat
  • Judging:
    • Each category will have it’s own set of judges (minimum 3) and it’s own
    • Judging will begin at 4:15pm
    • Judges will score based on: appearance, aroma, flavor, and texture
    • “The People’s Choice” is back and will be determined by popular vote (one vote per person)

We hope to see you there! Here are some photos from last year’s Chili Bowl:


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