How’s It Going?

By Jennifer Stanley

Here we are; day 17! For me, the time has gone quickly from Ash Wednesday to this nearly half way point in the season of Lent. Most days, reading the blog post is the first thing I do and some nugget of wisdom or a particular challenge sticks with me throughout the day (and beyond). I’ve enjoyed learning the history and meaning of Lent. And I’ve been inspired by our authors and the daily challenge to engage with the four inward disciplines: Meditation, Prayer, Fasting, and Study.

Perhaps my favorite experience though, is hearing from friends and family from all over the place who are traveling this road, too. A friend from Facebook, who I haven’t known very long, sent me this text last week, “Just wanted to say thank you for sharing the Write This Way meditations link. I’ve looked forward to the writing everyday and it certainly has caused me to pause, reflect and pray more regularly throughout my day.” Knowing that others are showing up each day to pursue these disciplines keeps me motivated and encouraged.

So, how’s about you? How’s it going?

Are you inspired and experiencing God in new ways? Are you feeling connected to the larger body of believers traveling through Lent  together? Has a particular topic opened a new pathway to deeper a relationship with God for you? Today, we are encouraging you to comment on the Facebook link or in the comment section of the blog so we can hear from and encourage one another!

Tomorrow, we will transition to the outward disciplines: Simplicity, Solitude, Submission, and Service. The authors have put their hearts and expertise into these topics and I know you’ll find inspiration and deeper understanding.

As I was reading from Celebration of Discipline, I came across this statement from the author, Richard Foster. I feel like we all might need to hear this at this point!

Foster writes, “We must not be led to believe that the disciplines are only for spiritual giants and hence beyond our reach, or only for contemplatives who devote all their time to prayer and meditation. Far from it. God intends the Disciplines of the spiritual life to be for ordinary human beings: people who have jobs, who care for children, who wash dishes and mow lawns. In fact, the Disciplines are best exercised in the midst of our relationships with our husband or wife, our brothers and sisters, our friends and neighbors.”

Be encouraged! Keep showing up each day and exploring these pathways. We are with you and pray you will experience the rich blessing of intimacy and deep friendship with God.

Write This Way: How have you experienced God in a new way during this Lent? Have you tried a new discipline? How did it go? What are you enjoying? What are you finding difficult? Take a moment to comment on the Facebook post or the blog section here

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Jennifer Stanley serves as Creative Director at Commonway church. She works to bring creative projects to life utilizing teams and talent from within the church family. Jennifer also enjoys her fashion business, traveling to new places with her family, singing, and writing. 

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