It was a normal
Sunday until…

Bryan Olesen, a founding member of the Christian rock bank “VOTA” and former guitarist for Newsboys, took the stage and shared his story through a unique blend of storytelling and music. In particular, he talked about an organization he is involved in called Food for the Hungry and the work they do around the world. It was palpable God was stirring something in the hearts of our congregation in the moment.

What followed was an impromptu outpouring of thousands of dollars in donations to Food for the Hungry – and little did we know at the time – the beginning of a long-term relationship with Food for the Hungry.

Learn About Food for the Hungry

Hope. Dignity. Relationships.

A few months later, a small team from Commonway was invited to see, firsthand, what Food for the Hungry was doing in Caulatu, a small village in Nicaragua. What we saw was a ministry full of hope, dignity, and relationships. In particular, their long-term development work with the poor to transform impoverished communities into healthy, productive places for children to grow was novel and very much aligned with our mission as a church.

We’ve since partnered with Food for the Hungry for 8-10 years to serve & support the people and community in Caulatu, Nicaragua.

For the last 5 years, we have been seeking God as a church to determine how He wants us to invite people outside our community and around the world to find hope in Jesus. It became clear that a commitment to the people and community of Caulatu is what God had in mind. Our first team of folks visited Caulatu in June 2016 (pictured throughout this page).

How can you participate?

boy-broad-smileChild Sponsorships

Nearly 100 children in Caulatu are supported monthly ($35/month) by Commonway attendees. This support helps the entire community to provide food, a better education, clean water and medical treatment to its children. While we are not seeking additional sponsorships at the moment, we expect to in the near future.

aeroplaneCaulatu Visits

Our first team of 12 individuals visited the village of Caulatu in Nicaragua in June 2016 to begin to develop relationships with the people of Caulatu and the Food for the Hungry staff who serve there. We plan on making trips back to Caulatu on a yearly basis to connect with and serve their community.

prayerPrayer & Participation

We are really excited about this partnership because unlike traditional mission opportunities, this is not a “one and done” deal. We are committed to the people of Caulatu and growth of the community for 8-10 years. Your continued prayers and investment in this partnership will be absolutely necessary. It will be a collective commitment.