From Slavery to Freedom

By Gabriele Replogle

Hurry hurry. Quick, quick quick!
Focus. Accomplish.
Wait. Sit.
Know and understand ALL things.
Google me. Trend me. Twittering Angry Bird Feed Me!!
Drive this. Eat that.
Wear this, not that.
Love yourself, and dress well.
Hip & trendy always sells.
Hug me, buy me, color me, try me!
Worship this way.
Read your Bible.
Understand it for you’re liable.
Move mountains, but don’t be pushy!
Care for others, but don’t be creepy.
Stand up, sit down. Sing a song.
Make sure it’s from your heart, or your doing it wrong.
When life is RULES. Slavery still LIVES.
When Walking..
in a Relationship GIVES!

Come and REST.
Find the other way.
Give up rules for yolk bearing it’s His Way.
Of course it’s not easy to change our ways… it takes practice, every DAY!
It takes leaning into HIM. Sharing the burden only He gives.
Not the burden of others, or the rules in our head.
Standing on His promises
He’ll give us LIFE instead.
Eternal life in the here and now.
A glorious life– wild and free.

Commonway Women invite you to join our Women’s Retreat- Letting Go of Perfect.  Living Wild and Free. Guest speaker and local author Amy Spiegel will be our main presenter.  There will be workshops focusing on “Freedom when you are fully loved!” with topics like “Letting Go of Control”, “Forgiveness” and “Free to be Yourself”.  We’ll have games, food, fun, times of reflection, movement and times of celebration.  Register at the Connections Table by March 19. The cost is affordable! The time enjoyable! Email with any registration questions to or questions in general about the retreat to

Hope to see you there!

Gabriele Replogle

Gabriele Replogle

Gabriele Replogle is a frequent contributor to our Commonway blog. She loves to sing, dance, & write in defiance of death and darkness. More of her musings can be found at her website: