For me, a simple prayer said in repetition within the pattern of my breathing and even mumbled under my breath has been transformative. It has allowed me to solidify cornerstone concepts and reconnect to foundational Truths when I struggle to embrace (or accept) where I am at this particular moment in this world.

This past fall I wrote a blog entry for Commonway that was posted the day I was released from my job working in the camping ministry our family had served at for the previous 16 years. I wrote about Seuss’, The Waiting Place, and seeking Peace. While I wasn’t able to communicate all of the details about my transition on the day that post released, God was clearly present in the tension of my life with what I was able to share that day.

All you saints! Sing your hearts out to God! Thank him to his face!
He gets angry once in a while, but across a lifetime there is only love.
The nights of crying your eyes out gives way to days of laughter.
Psalm 30:4-5 (The Message)

This central premise has been my peace. Not only throughout these past few months but across the past 40 years. Regardless of the difficulty, pain, struggle, defeat, celebration, or victory, my peace has been found by seeking out THIS God.

God is good. 

Hard stop. Pause and repeat those words a few times and let them sink in. When life is hard, these three words should be my prayer; in repeating it, I’m allowing my tears to give way to laughter. When life is good, these three words should be my prayer; in repeating it, I’m embracing a song of praise for a lifetime of being loved by The Creator.

God. Is. Good.

Eugene Peterson who transcribed “The Message” (a modern-language paraphrase of the bible) had one central message and one sermon that he hoped his son would understand above all else. During his father’s memorial, Lief Peterson shared that premise:

“God loves you. He’s on your side. He’s coming after you. He’s relentless.”

I spent too many years desiring this instead of simply believing this. The difference is that I was hoping it was truth instead of actually living in this truth. I invite you to settle into the embrace of God and live as if you belong to Him.

Take a moment and listen to this song on YouTube (click link here) and when it ends, close your time with a simple prayer in repetition until you feel…ready… Your prayer, “God is good.” 

Ryan Gernand

Ryan Gernand

Ryan Gernand and his wife Kelsey founded Mosaic Solutions Group, a full-service advertising agency. Until recently, Ryan worked for Impact 2818, a multisite Christian camping ministry in Indiana, where he oversaw three of the camp's operations and programming, led marketing and communication efforts, and worked on fundraising and development initiatives. Ryan and Kelsey live in Yorktown with their three kids. The Gernand's joined the Commonway family in 2018.

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