IMG_20141206_121437498_HDRFor over five years, Commonway has participated in a global movement called Help-Portrait to empower photographers to use their skills, tools, and expertise to give back to their local communities—by taking professional photos and giving them away for free. This year, the global Help-Portrait community will surpass over 500,000 photos given away for free.

Many of us carry smartphones around in our pockets, free to take selfies by the dozen. It’s second nature to post to Instagram or to set up our own little homemade photo session for the family Christmas cards. But what about people who can’t afford a smartphone? Or don’t feel confident enough to smile? Or have never had someone take the time to do their hair and makeup for a photo? What about those who have never had a family portrait taken together?


Help-Portrait isn’t about taking pictures. It’s about giving them. On December 5, we’ll set up shop at Inside Out. And with your help, we will provide free hair and makeup services, play games with kids, offer free snacks and treats. And with the help of generous professional photographers, we will capture photos of beautiful, deserving, valuable people. We give the photos away because everyone should know how much they are loved, how beautiful they are, and that good things can happen. It’s a small gift, but for many, it means the world.  

We need your help to make this happen. Below you’ll find a link to our sign-up form. From pictures frames to fruit trays to volunteers who can play with kids and be a helping hand, there is something everyone is able to do.

See How You Can Help Out

IMG_20141206_143558We’ll also have a sign-up sheet at the Connections Table on Sunday. Stop by and see where you can help and what needs we still have.

You can learn more about the global Help-Potrait community on their website.

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