Jesus Believed in Authentic Faith

Small Group Questions from January 28th

  1. Read Luke 4.16-30.
  2. It would be an extreme understatement to say that it took some serious courage for Jesus to make these proclamations.  What exactly is He claiming in versus 16 to 21? And what was the response of His hometown crowd?
  3. Now look again at versus 22 to 30. At some point the crowd goes from mild amusement of Jesus to murderous rage. What did He say about the widow and Naaman that set them off? What claim is He making that caused such an uproar?
  4. Now, read Matthew 15.21-28 together.
  5. Jesus’s words and actions here seem to contradict what happened in Luke 4. What do you think Jesus was trying to accomplish? (Remember…besides Jesus, the main people involved are a group of Jewish men (the disciples) and a Gentile woman.)
  6. If Jesus declares this woman’s faith to be GREAT, how does this challenge your notion of authentic faith? Of your own? Of others in your circle of family, friends, and church? Of others beyond your circle?