Jesus Believed that God is Willing to Heal

Sermon Questions from January 21st

  1. The four books of the Gospels are full of stories where Jesus heals many different people with many different ailments and diseases. Let’s start with a challenge…Open up to Matthew and/or Luke, and find an incident in which Jesus heals someone. Have 3 or 4 people share what they find.
  2. In those stories, what stands out to you? What do we learn about Jesus? What do we learn about the folks He heals? What questions arise?
  3. Thinking about your life and your experiences, what questions or concerns do you have about God and His willingness to heal? (For some, this can bring up some painful memories.)
  4. Read Mark 5.21-43 together.
  5. Start with Jairus…Put yourself in his shoes (or rather, sandals). What do you think about his motivation? As in, why did he even come to Jesus? What did that cost him? Where are his emotions throughout the story?
  6. Now, for the woman in the crowd, answer those same questions as you did for Jairus.
  7. As for Jesus, think about this story and these 2 observations.
    1. Jesus is willing to do what you want.
    2. Jesus doesn’t always do what you want.
  8. What do we do with this? At first glance, it seems completely paradoxical, but what does this teach us about God?
  9. Finally, how does this affect you now?