Discipleship Pastor

At Commonway Church, our success as a church is defined by the ways in which individuals are becoming more like Jesus. The role of Discipleship Pastor is focused primarily on cultivating a culture in which ongoing spiritual growth and formation are valued as the anticipated outcome of belonging to a local church.

The primary responsibilities of the job include:

Cultivate a culture of practice-based discipleship among the adults at Commonway by
-Working with the Lead Pastor to promote and encourage the value and importance of an active inner life and healthy relationships,
-Maintaining focus on the inward and outward connection of spiritual development, and
-Develop ongoing opportunities for adults to learn and practice spiritual disciplines individually and in community.

Lead S-Group initiatives (social, support, study, service, and small groups) by
-Emphasizing life together over Sunday morning,
-Providing organization and administrative oversight to all S-Groups,
-Recruiting, preparing, and supporting leaders of each S-group type,
-Communicating effectively the when, where, what, & why of each group, and
-Building overall participation so that 80% of Commonway members are involved in some form of group life.

Additional responsibilities include
-Attending and participating in weekly staff meetings,
-Attending weekend services at Commonway,
-Belonging to a small group,
-Managing annual S-group related budgets, and
-Attending to additional responsibilities as determined by the Lead Pastor.

Status: Full-time, salaried
Hours: 40 per week
Salary range: Commensurate with education and experience
Benefits: Health insurance at hire and retirement at 12 months
Education preferred: Bachelor’s degree or higher
Experience preferred: 2 years+ in a related field

If interested, please direct any questions and/or a cover letter and resume to Jeremy Neckers, Administrative Pastor, at jeremy@commonwaychurch.com.