Luke 6:12a

And it came to pass in those days, that He went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God. And when it was day, He called unto Him his disciples: and of them He chose twelve, whom also He named apostles;  

Decisions. Decisions. When was the last time you faced an incredibly important decision in life? I’m not talking about what kind of ice-cream to have at Cammack Station, but important decisions. Maybe it was a career or financial decision that could potentially make or break your entire future. Perhaps it was a family decision such as who to marry, or how to raise your children. You may be facing such a decision in your life right now. Is it causing you stress and worry? You have thought about it, prayed about, talked with others about it. You have weighed the pros and cons. The deadline for the decision is looming, but you just cannot make up your mind. 

In Luke 6, Jesus faces this sort of decision. He has come to earth to show and teach people what God is like and how to have an everlasting relationship with God. Jesus knows and realizes that He must pass on the essential truths of why He came to a few people who then, in turn, will pass it on to others after He is gone. The eternal weight of the world is on His shoulders, and He must choose a few good men to carry his mission forward.

How does Jesus prepare Himself for this incredibly important decision? Solitude and prayer!

He went out into a mountain to pray and continued all night in prayer to God.”

Jesus went to the mountain to be in conversation with His Father to prepare to make a monumental decision. Where do you go at such a time? Where can you escape all the noise of the world to be in the presence of God?

I have always found my place in nature. It can be a hike in the woods, a stroll on the beach, or a hike up a mountain. Simply being in nature allows me to block all of the “mental noise.” I can focus solely on our Creator in the midst of His creation.

Since I cannot be in the woods or on a mountain every day, I have found a worthy alternate. Being a morning person allows me to experience sunrise most days of the week. As the sun is rising, I pause to give thanks and have a conversation with my heavenly Father. The peace that comes to me at this time of the day is never repeated until the next day. I start my day having discussed all things weighing heavily on me with God.

Are you facing an important decision? Are you worried about a choice you must make? First, pray. Second, pray. Third, pray. Be in communion with your Father. Find “your” place to escape all of the noise and hear the whisper of God.

Daily Prayer:

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You that You desire to speak to me every day—guiding me in spirit and in truth to obey Your Word and enjoy an abundant life. I thank You that You have called me Your friend and that I may come boldly to the throne of grace to find help whenever I have a need in my life. I draw near to You today. I seek Your face, Your truth and Your word for my life. I want to know You more, hear You more and obey You more. 

Help me to feel confident in knowing that I hear Your voice.

I praise You and thank You for it, in Jesus’ Name.


Steve Varner has been a part of Commonway church for 8 years. He loves playing with his grandson, watching live sports, and woodworking. Steve volunteers at the connection center and loves connecting with people on Sunday mornings and in his small group.

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