Martha Davis is the beloved mother and grandmother of Wil Davis and his family. Her life was marked with a quiet determination and steadfast faith. She was married to a devoted preacher, had five children, and knew how to stretch a dollar as far as it would go. Her prayers covered all whom she loved and those she had never met. Upon her death, this handwritten prayer was found, undated, in her Bible.



Take, Lord,

and receive all my liberty,

my memory, my understanding, and my entire will. 

You have given al to me.

To you, O Lord, I return it. 

All is yours

Dispose of it wholly according to your will.

Give me only

your love and grace

for this is enough for me.


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  • Terri Truex says:

    Jennifer, I remember your grandmother. Your father led a bible study in their home and we attended. Mr. Davis was always in a suit and tie as he taught, and your grandmother was the epitome of what you just described. They “do not make them” like this anymore. Thank you for sharing.

    • Jeremy Neckers says:

      Yes! This is a scene I witnessed many times!!! Thank you for sharing your memory with me. 🙂 They are both missed.

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