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Jennifer here. It has been my privilege to publish the writings of our talented authors here 6 days a week since Feb ##. I think we only had one day without a post, which I appreciate because the goal of Lent is moving our hearts toward Jesus, not perfection. I hope you were able to engage with such a variety of stories, teachings, and prayers. I would love to know your thoughts and would be happy to forward your appreciation on to the writers and take note of any suggestions for future projects. Please just leave a comment and know that if you want it to remain private, just indicate that, and it will not be visible to anyone else. Again, thank you for reading and pouring your heart into knowing Jesus in a more intimate and compelling way.

Before we go, here is one final blog. It’s actually part 2 of what was written on Saturday, while we were still waiting for Easter. You will want to complete your Lenten journey with these words of hope.

Teach us to Pray; Sunday

by Liz Carder

And this is Sunday.

Sunday. SUN Day

The sun rose this morning as a giant orange ball, was lost again in a stream of low clouds, only to rise again.
I love Easter. I really do. I love a day to celebrate all things renewed, a day to celebrate restoration, a day to celebrate rebirth, a day to believe in healing. It’s a time to celebrate believing that God loves us so much that he wants Jesus’ life to live in us. A day to put our hope in redemption. A day we can remember events in our lives being turned around, moved forward, maybe even resurrected. This is the day we all stand together, saying, ‘it’s true.’ We stand confidently proclaiming all things on Earth that have found hope are from God. We feel those stories about times when life was found after death was so close we could taste it. We sit with stories of forgiveness. We remember the grace we thought was not possible. And the gifts we thought we couldn’t give.
I love this day.
It’s like the really good movies with the best endings, it’s the good books that give you the most fulfilling feeling, it’s the songs we sing at the top of our lungs about overcoming, and it’s the instrumentals that move us to tears of joy. It’s running into the wind and smiling, going uphill, with a longer, stronger step, because we know that when it gets hard, we persevere. Because it’s worth it.
And yet, it’s more than a day. It’s a way of living. It’s a way of believing. It’s a way of loving. It’s a way of giving. I love celebrating Easter so much that I want everyone to celebrate these things. I don’t want anyone to miss out. Easter continues today, tomorrow, and always.


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  • Gabriele Replogle says:

    It was a highlight to read- a brief moment of normalcy to receive an email every day amidst the shutdown, and so nice to hear familiar voices from church words of comfort, encouragement and conviction.

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