Message: “Exploring the Bible, pt.3” from Matt Carder

Matt Carder - July 27, 2014

James - A Tangible Faith (Pt. 9)

James: A Tangible Faith

When bad things happen to good people, everything in us wants to make it right and hopes for justice to be done. If someone has wronged you specifically, this feeling is multiplied a hundred times over. This message drawn from the book of James reminds us that justice is God's business, not ours. He will ultimately make all things right. So what's our job? To have faith that our God is just, even when we live in a world that seems to prove otherwise.

From Series: "James: A Tangible Faith"

The book of James doesn't pull any punches. It's tangible practicality and focus on acting out one's faith deserves an in-depth look. At times its tone can come off audacious, but isn't that the way our faith should be - bold, courageous, and intentional? You bet.

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