Palm Sunday & Holy Week

Small Group Questions from March 25th

If you have kids, there’s a good chance you’re on Spring Break this week. Enjoy!

If you’re group is meeting this week, here are two options for questions. Choose your own adventure!

Option A

Take a look at each scripture below and its corresponding principle. For each, talk about how God has or is showing you ways in which this is true in your own life.

  1. Jesus following the calling on His life – Luke 13.22 & Luke 18.31 – God’s way is always best but not always easy.
  2. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane – Luke 22.39-44 – Peace lies on the other side of surrender.
  3. The Curtain in the Temple – Luke 23.44-46 – God is with us.
  4. The Last Supper – Luke 22.17-19 – With the remembrance of Jesus’s sacrifice, we can do hard things.

Option B

Together, as a group, read and discuss the story of Holy Week together. You may want to read the whole story, 3 or 4 chapters, in one of the Gospels. Since that would take quite a bit of time in one evening, here’s a suggestion.

  • Mark 11.1-11
  • Mark 14.12-26
  • Mark 14.43-65
  • Mark 15.1-15
  • Mark 15.21-39
  • Mark 16.1-8

That’s still a lot to cover in one sitting, but it will be well worth it as we look toward Easter on Sunday morning.