As a church, we don’t pretend to have it all together. Every person has a story. We aren’t perfect—nobody is perfect—and we’ve all made our share of mistakes. So we don’t expect anyone else to be perfect either. You know what? Neither does God. And whether you’ve never heard of Jesus, are skeptical about who He is, haven’t been to church in a while, or are looking for a place to call home, you are welcome here.

Our mission as a church is to invite people to find hope in Jesus. True hope in your life, your relationships, and your community exists — not in something we can acquire, but in Someone we can know and trust. That’s who Jesus is and that’s what He offers.

As for this new blog, we’ll cover things like:

  • Stories of life change and difference-making happening in the church and community
  • Updates on missions efforts (local and global) we as a church are involved in or supporting
  • Upcoming events and opportunities to get involved
  • Weekly discussion questions based on our current message series
  • Books, websites, and other resources to help us all in our journey
  • And much more…

As we get started, here are a few goals we have in mind:

  • Create a central place to share what’s happening at Commonway and in Muncie. Any thriving community has a life of it’s own and is intentional to stay connected. We want to share the exciting news, events, life change stories, and opportunities taking shape in and around Commonway and Muncie.
  • Extend the conversation beyond Sunday morning. It’s possible (and unfulfilling) to just “do church,” to listen to the sermon or message on Sunday and stop there. Experience tells us everyone has their own questions, observations, reflections, and realizations. Instead of ignoring them, we want to lean into honest conversations that will help define the shape and structure of our faith and relationships. Conversation shapes our community at large as well. We want to foster a culture of grace, authentic relationships, and intentional discipleship through conversation and dialogue.
  • Share the stories, resources, and ideas that are helping us discover wisdom, inspiration, comfort, and strength. There are many great books, videos, articles, experiences, and conversations that help shape Sunday messages, small groups, outreach opportunities, and even core beliefs we are pursuing together as a church. We want to be a community learning and growing together. Some people learn best through listening, others reading, and others still in taking action. By sharing how and where we grow as followers of Jesus, our hope is you may find help along the way in your own journey toward Jesus.

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