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Nicaragua Mission FAQs

Get your quick questions answered.

Where is Commonway Kids located?

Our registration table and facilities are located in the Muncie Children’s Museum during Commonway Church’s service hours. The Children’s Museum is connected directly to the Horizon Center on the south end of the building.

Our family wants to attend Commonway Kids. How do we get started?

If you are new or visiting, check in at our registration table (located just inside the Children’s Museum entrance), and the volunteers will help you sign in your child and connect you to the right classroom.

Who takes care of my kids?

Jill DuBois is the Director of Commonway Kids and oversees the care and attention of all children each week. Numerous loving and trustworthy volunteers, all of which who have been properly trained, provide the hands-on care and education your child receives.

What procedures are in place to secure the safety of my child?

Several safety procedures, from diaper/bathroom protocols, pick up tags, to fire drills, are in place to ensure that the kids are in a secure and caring environment.

Does it cost anything for my children to attend Commonway Kids?

No, Commonway Kids is free for all children of parents who attend a Commonway gathering (regular attendees and guests).

How do I provide specific care instructions for my children?

We encourage you to share any specific care instructions you have for your child that will enable us to provide better individualized care for them. When dropping off your child, share any specific instructions at the registration table and they will be passed on to the specific Commonway Kids staff member who will be providing attention and care to your child.

What are the best ways to stay in the know about what's happening at Commonway Kids?

The best way is to subscribe to our email updates here. We also a hold Family Experience meeting each month (usually the first Sunday of the month) following the 10:30 AM whole church gathering. This lasts approximately 20 minutes, and it is a fun and meaningful way for parents and kids to connect together around what we’re learning about all month. We also have a Facebook page, Instagram feed, and Twitter feed that provides many regular updates.

Do you offer materials for parents to continue the lessons their kids are learning at Commonway Kids?

Yes! We have several tools for you to be able to keep the Sunday conversation going all through the week. When you talk about what we learn on Sunday throughout the week, then we can be more effective in being a consistent and comfortable place for your child to be able to ask questions and grow in his/her faith. You can access these here.

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