This Summer, we spent our Sunday mornings looking at key themes in the letters by the Apostle Paul. The series “13 Letters” gave us a chance to look at the astounding wisdom, experience, and hope Paul shared with his friends, churches, and, even now, with today’s followers of Jesus. These invaluable letters make up half of the Bible’s New Testament.

At the highest level, the letters provide us a compelling picture of what the early church looked like, what the first followers of Jesus wrestled with in their own lives, and how they lived in light of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

bible ephesiansMajors themes of faith, hope, and love are apparent. But as we listened on Sunday mornings, we also heard of the freedom, unity, and encouragement given to us through Jesus. Through our generosity, by living the Spirit, and in our relationships with one another, we can actually bring pleasure to God. We were challenged to embraced the mystery, to see Jesus throughout the entire story of the Bible, and to “honor the emperor” while remaining faithful to the true and better King.

A great resource to help you continue walking through the 13 Letters, and even the rest of the New Testament, is the “New Testament for Everyone” series of books from N.T. Wright (you can buy them individually or as a set). Also check out the great Bible Plans from the Bible App to help you make the Bible a daily priority. And of course, you can always go back and listen to these messages below or any past messages in our Series Archive.

Adam Bouse - June 28, 2015

1 Corinthians (13 Letters, Pt. 2)

13 Letters

For the second message in this series, Adam Bouse, our Connections Pastor, helped us to dive into 1 Corinthians. We uncover great historical insights regarding the setting and culture Paul was writing into, ultimately leading us to its main point: that the body of Christ must seek unity, not uniformity, as we strive to invite people to find hope in Jesus.

From Series: "13 Letters"

Our summer 2015 series will be an exploration through the letters of Paul in scripture. Will we cover every single aspect of them? Certainly not. But we do hope this series provides some uncommon insight into the contexts surrounding these letters to reveal a fresh, if not new, perspective on his writings and an invitation to dig deeper on your own with them.

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