Small Groups

At Commonway, we want to be intentional about examining and growing in all aspects of our lives.  And while this occurs, we believe, in response to the hope we’ve been given in Jesus, our experience teaches us that this happens best in relationship with others. Small Groups are a great place to get to know and be known, to dig in deep, and to live life together.

We get together in and around Muncie in each other’s homes. Each group has it’s own day and time and unique characteristics.

Social Groups

We think loving God means loving people. In order to love people, though, you have to get know them. Sunday morning is great, but it’s tough to build authentic relationships with each other in a hour or so a week.

The social groups at Commonway are just that…social. It’s just people from our community planning events that give us a chance to get to know each other. It’s really that simple.

Study Groups

Truth doesn’t have an expiration date. Even more, we believe all truth comes from God. Because of that, we also believe it’s worth exploring. It’s worth discussing, and it’s certainly worth it to give God’s truth room to work in our lives.

Study groups are designed for that purpose.

Service Groups

Whenever we give our time and energy to something beyond ourselves, it’s our hope that others experience the goodness of God. It may be cliché, but we really are blessed to be a blessing. So whether it’s near or far, big or small, we’re always looking for ways to be involved in our community.

Support Groups

Grace is our common way. And it doesn’t seem to matter how much we look like we have it figured out, we’re all equally in need of experiencing grace from God and from others. Whether you find yourself in the midst of a crisis or perhaps learning to live with common everyday stresses (like parenting teenagers), we all could use support…much more than we any us really want to admit.