Stripped Love, a non-profit focused on taking God’s love into commercial sex trade strip clubs, is one of the most unique local missions partners we have as a church. With a mission to “consistently show up and befriend women in sex trade and love them just as God loves us,” Stripped Love recruits, trains, and equips women to minister to other women caught in the sex industry. Outreach Team members share life with the women in the clubs, first by going into the clubs to get to know the women and establish relationships, then aiming to build lasting friendships and deliberately live out the Good News in all areas of life.

Stripped Love is hosting a training for those interested in becoming a part of the Central Indiana Outreach Team, primarily going into Anderson-area strip clubs and developing friendships. The training will be held at 1pm on Saturday, September 26 at the Innovation Connector. If you are interested in attending this training, you can register today, or you can contact Liz Carder at with any questions.

Gift and Prayer Teams also play a vital role in Stripped Love. While not directly establishing relationships with the women at the clubs, Gift and Prayer Team members provide support, encouragement, and resources that make it possible to sustain lasting relationships through the Outreach Teams. The training on September 26 is not required for Gift and Prayer Team members, but you should still let us know if you are interested in being a part of the team!

One last note – our very own Liz Carder was recently named the Chief Operation Officer (COO) for Stripped Love! We’re thankful for her leadership, service, and humility as she lives out a life of grace and inviting others to find hope in Jesus.

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