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  • What are you looking forward to this Spring? Anything exciting on the horizon?


  • Has Christianity been presented to you as an “all or nothing” decision before? How does the story of Luke 5:1-11 seem to counter that perspective in certain ways?
  • Matt said, “Following Jesus does not begin with believing. Faith begins with listening.” What reaction does that create in you? Is that how you have thought about believing and faith?
  • Why do you think there is a certain expectation or pressure to have it all figured out before we follow or take any steps at all?
  • Thinking outside of faith-based decisions, when have you taken small steps lead to something greater in your life? How did a step-by-step mentality change your overall path to growth?
  • Based on Luke 5, Matt outlined a sort of progression with it comes to putting your faith in Jesus: Sit and listen, loan him the boat, take him fishing, and leave your nets. In this outline, is there one piece that jumps out to you? Is there anything here that you already suspected might be what you need to do next?
  • How does the idea of finding a “next step,” rather than going “all or nothing” change the way you view your day-to-day practice of faith and following Jesus?


  • This week, identify what you can “do differently.” Make it as small as it needs to be – having a conversation, praying a simple prayer, signing up to serve – whatever it is, make the choice to do something differently and then tell someone you trust about it.
  • If reading the story of Jesus in the New Testament is your next steps, check out these Bible Plans available at and through the Bible App:
  • If you haven’t been baptized, April 17 is the perfect opportunity to make the “public declaration of a new association.” Just let us know if you want to take that step.


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Commonway is now in the Bible App! By using the Bible App Events, you will be able to stay in step with the entire Sunday experience and take it with you throughout the week. That means you’ll learn and remember more at church, have a convenient place to look back during the week, and have easy, one-tap ways to take action on next steps in getting connected or involved with the Commonway community. Learn more on the blog: