1. Matt talked about Paul leaving out the Macedonians when it came to helping the church in Jerusalem because they were so poor. Talk about a time you have left someone out because you thought you were helping by not asking?
  2. How has/did this affect the relationship you have with that person?
  3. Share a time when you have seen God’s kindness at work through a church or group of people like the Macedonians?
  4. 2 Cor 8:7 (NIV) giving sacrificially was a grace for the Macedonians, what have you been given a grace about?
  5. What do you do with that grace? What do you do with your time and money and skills to pursue that grace?

  6. Matt said some who are rich are poor and some who are poor are rich in spirit, what does that mean to you?

  7. Who do you relate to more, the Macedonians or the Corinthians?