Scriptures: Psalm 73:2 (to set up the idea of giving up), Galatians 6:9, I Corinthians 15:58

  1. Fun question to get started:  Can anyone share about a time (like maybe when you were a kid) when you quit something that you perhaps now regret?
  1.  In your own experience, what are typically the thoughts or emotions that lead you to want to give up on something? In other words, how do you end up in that place?
  1. Looking at Galatians 6:9, what role does proper perspective play in helping you not give up? Why is it sometimes so difficult to keep this perspective in a moment or season when things are difficult?
  1.  Can anyone share an instance when you almost gave up on something important in your life but you didn’t, and now, looking back on that season with more time/perspective, you are really grateful you kept going? What can we learn from this?
  2. Matt said a few times, “Sometimes, all you need to do is not give up.”  This would be a good opportunity to end the group by asking if anyone is currently facing a situation/area/relationship where they’re struggling to keep going. You can share the details or keep your situation “unspoken”.  Anyone feeling brave enough to share? (And then spend some time as a group praying for each person who shares).