1. Cliff and the awesome worship team led us in a new song that included the words,“Let Your love come in Like a rushing wind Saturate my heart and soul again.” From Cliff’s gleanings, he asked the following question: Why don’t we readily step in and experience Jesus the Christ? What keeps us from the reality of His presence in our lives? What is one thing that we can do to allow Him to saturate our hearts and souls again?
  2. The account of Saul/Paul teaches us about God being One who pursues us in our current life’s position and conditions. In Saul’s conversion experience, Saul remained who he was – a Pharisee. Where were you in your life when God called you? Was it in hard times or good times? Was your transformation immediate or did it take him?
  3. Saul was a young man with an incredible future awaiting him. Saul was also trying to make a name for himself to set himself apart from his mentor, Gamaliel. One theory is that is why he was going to Damascus. But God touched him in spite of his personal agenda and plans. Have there been times in your lives that God has led you, touched you, surprised you or even called you when the timing did not seem quite right? What were you going through? What were the outcomes? How did these situations work out?
  4. When Saul met Jesus – everything changed. He gave up a promising career and ended up changing the direction of his life forever. He encountered Jesus and a new journey began. When you met Jesus what changed for you? Did you have to give up anything? How about when we encounter Jesus in our daily lives? Does it require a change in our lives or do we have to give up something? Is it worth it?
  5. Paul went from an expert to a beginner. Just like God wanted for Paul, God wants us to grow more than we do. What would happen to us if we took the posture of a beginner? How long will we resist Him and the changes He has for us? What does it mean for you and I to be a beginner? Are we ready to learn what God has in store for us?