1. Cliff led a beautiful time of worship including phrases from songs: “You are good,” “You’re never gonna let me down,” “For endless days we will sing your praise,” “Holy Spirit you are welcome here” and “To be overcome by your Presence.” What were you sensing or feeling during this worship time? What song or phrase hit home to you?
  2. 2 Cor.5:17-20 uncovers a special mission God has given us as believers – we are “Christ’s Ambassadors” “making His appeal through us.” In our daily routines, what does being an ambassador for Christ mean to you and how does it play out through us?
  3. Matt showed a diagram with a circle showing who might be included “in” as a Christian, and who might be “out” as a Non-Christian. What was your first reaction to this diagram? Were you uncomfortable when asked to determine what religious groups were in which category? Do we tend to unconsciously put people in one category or the other as we encounter them in our daily lives?
  4. Jesus showed us the difference between making a “point” and “making a difference.” He demonstrated this in Matthew 23:5-. What are some take-aways from this account? Are we better at making a point or making a difference? How is this played out in our lives?
  5. Three points to be aware of: (a) God is already at work;  (b)  Don’t worry about guilt by association;  (c) Don’t expect non-believers to act like believers.  Which of the above do you relate to the most? Which of the three are the hardest to grasp?
  6. Instead of our Christianity or religion being the center of our lives, Jesus should be the center. Our desires should be to continue to move closer toward Jesus and not away from Him. What direction are you moving?
  7. Communion is always a special time during a service. What thoughts or reflections did you experience during communion?