Jonah 4


  • As we wrap up Jonah, what are the major themes or lessons you see in this story?
  • How would you describe this letter? Hopeful, frustrating, discouraging, mysterious?


  • As chapter 4 ends abruptly, we see that God seems to be trying to help Jonah understand His desire for mercy toward Nineveh. We have no resolution with this story, so what do you see as some of the possible outcomes or results for Jonah?
  • Shane outlined three gifts we might receive from the story of Jonah. Take a minute to reflect on all three and then share any insight you have for your own life.
    • a place in God’s kingdom
    • a chance to understand the thinking of God
    • an opportunity to participate in God’s purposes


  • Shane expanded our view of Jonah into how it might impact our own lives and interacting with “the other.” He gave us an acronym to use as we think moving forward:
    • Assume the Best
    • Move Toward Opportunities
    • Open Your Heart
    • Read Good Stuff
    • Expect God to Move
  • Thinking about each of these steps, which one is easiest or most natural for you? Which is the hardest or most challenging?
  • On your own, spend some time in prayer, asking God how He wants to change the way you think about and see the world. Get specific, even as specific as naming a particular group of people or an individual person. After you’ve had time in prayer, or even taking some of these steps, circle back around and share what you experience or are learning with a trusted friend or group.