1. Often, folks who are wrestling with Jesus have some barriers in place that prevent them from placing their faith in him. For many, these are intellectual concerns. What sort of experiences or examples can you share?

2. Other times, people hesitant to be involved with church and resistant toward Jesus because of some bad experiences within the church in the past.  Again, what are some examples, perhaps personal, that you can share?

3. There’s another big barrier that is in place for almost every one at one time or another. Read the account of Pilate in John 18.29 – 19.16, and then answer these questions.

  • Pilate seems genuinely baffled by the Jewish leader’s concerns. He’s even more baffled by Jesus himself. Why do you think this is? What my be some of concerns or considers of Pilate in these moments?
  • It also seems possible that Pilate did not want the situation to escalate as it did. What might have hindered Pilate from putting a stop to the crowds demands?

4. This other barrier, as displayed by Pilate, is can be called our conflict of interest. In other words, even when we decide we want Jesus, other wants get in the way (like our own happiness). What are some personal examples that you can share? When have you seen this to be true?

5. What we do when realize that we are experiencing a conflict of interest that is keeping us from Jesus? How should we respond? How do we move forward?