1. Read Matthew 1.18-25. Then read Isaiah 7.13-14. Matthew wanted his readers (and us) to see something. No matter your understanding of Old Testament stories, why do you think it’s important to connect the Christmas story to the Old Testament Israelites?
  2. In a very broad overview, the story of the Israelites is a story of continuous running from and then running to God – trusting Him and not trusting Him.  In what ways is your own story the same?
  3. Look at Matthew, Chapter 1 again. We read this quickly because we know the story and how it ends, but try to put yourself in Joseph’s place. In what ways did he have a choice to make about trusting God?
  4. Joseph didn’t know the end of the story, so keep that in mind when you think about this – where are you facing uncertainty? Is there a situation right now where you need to trust God and it’s challenging?
  5. Read Isaiah 9.6-7. As much as this passage has a place in the Christmas story, its importance goes far beyond this time of the year. How does this speak to you – especially as we think about putting our trust in God?