Scripture: 1 Samuel 24:1-15

*Feel free to read it, or perhaps, someone from the group who was there Sunday could summarize this story of David hiding in the cave as King Saul comes in unknowingly.

  1. What are the reasons David could have given for going forward and killing Saul in this moment? Why would he have been “justified” in doing so?
  1. Why could David have interpreted this situation to be proof that the “stars had aligned”, that it could not have been a coincidence, and that killing Saul was clearly the right choice?
  1. Where can the appeal to circumstance in our lives (in other words, saying, “Look at this opportunity. This could NOT have been a coincidence”)…where can that get us in trouble? Can you share a time when you fell for that relationally, financially, or some other way?
  1. What made David pause and reconsider? Why is it so remarkable that he did this?
  1. What did David believe about God that enabled him to not take the matter of King Saul into his own hands and violate a moral boundary?
  1. Can you share a time when you almost made a big life decision and everything seemed to align: the circumstances, the opportunity, the support of people around you, etc. But something about it felt “off” and so you went against the direction the momentum seemed to be taking you.
  1. Why is that inner tension so easy to ignore?
  1. Matt mentioned the idea that God’s not often in as big of a hurry as we are. Reflect on this.
  1. Can you relate to times in your life when you attempted to defend to others, not the decision itself you were making, but rather the “urgency” of the situation. In other words, you found yourself convincing others that “you had to do this thing NOW and that it couldn’t wait!”  Why is this a warning signal that we’re probably about to overstep?

  2. How can you resist the temptation to make rushed decisions, to essentially take control of your life in order to get what you want more quickly?