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Matt Carder - October 25, 2015

God on the Spot


Think of your favorite sports team for a moment. How did you become a fan of them? Most likely, it's because of the geographic region and/or household you grew up in. The same could be said for the "faith choice" of many. There's nothing wrong with this faith journey - it's just that the world around us expects dialogue with more substance than upbringing or "mystery". In this message, Matt introduces "Unapologetic", a series that simply asks the question, "Can you confidently share and dialogue about why you believe what you believe?".

From Series: "Unapologetic"

We live in a world where faith and Christianity are becoming less relevant and "believable" by the hour. With advanced science and certainty, who needs faith anymore, anyways? As followers of Jesus, we need to know why we believe what we believe to have any influence in our culture. It's easy to be a believer in Christian circles, but when you're in the minority and the hard, piercing questions come regarding your faith, do you know how to answer them in a way that they can be heard and not immediately dismissed? And perhaps more importantly, do you know how to listen and ask questions in a way that equally considers another's context?

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In the first message in this new series, Matt drew from several Bible passages to point out the tension that exists between having faith and applying rational investigation. (Click on each passage listed to view it at bible.com).


  • What sports, movies, or traditions have you grown up loving or enjoying because of your family or environment?
  • When have you experienced being in the minority when it comes to a favorite sports team, belief, or tradition?


  • Have you thought about how and why you came to believe what you believe about God? Where have you inherited belief or faith from?
  • Matt talked about the difference between faith and “psychological certainty.” How do you define faith?
  • How has doubt or questioning played a part in your life? Has doubt been something you embrace or something you are fearful of?
  • Matt said, “I’m convinced it’s possible to be a passionate, full on follower of Jesus and still think through and wrestle deeply with what you believe.” Is it hard for you to picture what it looks like to hold faith and ask hard questions at the same time?


  • Spend a few minutes on your own taking time to inventory where you have questions or doubt. What questions are at the core of your thinking?
  • As part of this series, we’d love to know what questions you identify. You can even send them to us by texting us at (765) 399-2000. If possible, we’ll work some of these questions into the coming Sunday messages. (The questions will remain anonymous and we won’t know who is doing the asking.)


“One can never wrestle enough with God if one does so out of pure regard for the truth.” – Simon Weil

“God loves an honest question.” – Athol Dickson


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