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  • How was Thanksgiving? What makes your list of things you’re thankful for?
  • What holiday traditions do you and your family have? How do you incorporate the spiritual element of Christmas into your traditions?


  • As we wrap up this series, what parts have stuck with you? Any ways you feel strengthen and more able to live out a life faith and rational belief?
  • We live in an increasingly complex world. Where do you see the biggest challenges when it comes to following Jesus in this present day and age?
  • In the story Naaman, he recognized that following the God of Israel changed everything – and still, he was told to “Go in peace.” In what specific situations or circumstances are you personally trying to reconcile with following Jesus in your life?
  • “God meets us where we are, and ask us to take the next step, stretching and growing how we see God and the world.” How is your view of God being stretched right now? How can you lean into that process?
  • In what ways might you be limiting God’s power, wisdom, or potential in your life?


  • Ask God in prayer to show you where you need to live with more tension and trust that God can work through any circumstances in your life. When our attempts to follow Jesus bump up against the complex realities of our world, God can use those moments to reshape our view and the lives of those we encounter.
  • This time of year brings a natural opportunity to invite friends, family, and co-workers to join you at church. Our next series, “Carols,” will be a fun and meaningful opportunity for anyone you know to hear about the hope God offers to us through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.


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