1. Cliff and family led us in worship that included a beautiful and timeless hymn, In the Garden. This song encourages us with these words: “He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own….” What does this song mean to us today?  What does it mean to be called “His own?”  How can these words make a difference to us as we serve Him each day?
  2. Matt posed the following: “It’s not what you believe, but where your beliefs lead?”  What was your initial reaction to that statement?  Did you agree or disagree with this when you first heard it? Where do your beliefs lead you?
  3. Matthew 3:1-6 tells an account of Jesus healing a man with a shriveled hand – and it just happened to be on the Sabbath. Please read this account and give your initial impressions from both the view of the man with the shriveled hand and the Pharisees.  Remember the man was an innocent bystander who happened to meet Jesus on the Sabbath and the Pharisees were only following the system they were part of by defending their interpretation of what they believed to be truth.  Can you relate to one side or the other, or both?
  4. Major comment by Matt, “If your beliefs are getting between loving God and loving your neighbor, then something may be wrong with what you believe.” What can this mean? Are my convictions and beliefs relevant anymore? Where does that statement lead us in our walk with God?
  5. 10/28/312 – Constantine has a vision that led Christianity to become more a movement in which creed was most important.  This was the first time Christians became known for what they are against more than what they are for. How does this play out in your daily walk with God? In your home? In your work environment? I school? What do you, as a believer, want to be known for?
  6. What does love for God and love for my neighbor require of me? How does this play out in my life? How important is this to us in our daily lives?