The Other Side of Easter

Written by Matt Carder

Well, here we are on the other side of Easter. We have journeyed together several weeks through Lent, into the events of Holy Week and ultimately on to celebrate the world-changing good news of Jesus’ resurrection!

Our hope is that, along the way, you have found these daily readings centered on spiritual disciplines to be both encouraging and challenging. I know I certainly have. I also really enjoyed hearing a bit of the story and perspective of so many different individuals. Their unique experiences, while different than my own, have reminded me that I’m not alone. Their struggles to figure out how to put a spiritual discipline into practice in the midst of busyness or some other challenging life-circumstance have encouraged me to keep going in my own attempts to grow in these areas.

Perhaps you learned something new or were prompted to try a new practice. Maybe you were challenged to created space to encounter God in a new way. Or you simply read an author’s suggestion and took the risk to try a discipline that didn’t come naturally to you. Whatever the case, our prayer all along is that this intentional time of leaning into some spiritual disciples has been rewarding for you—perhaps in ways you didn’t anticipate.

Lastly, while this officially ends our Lenten meditations for this year, our hope is that you would take something from this experience with you going forward—a particular practice, a helpful perspective, or simply the encouragement that you don’t have to wait until you have it “all figured out” to take your next step in your spiritual growth. Remember, there’s nothing to try and earn. There’s nothing to prove. There’s nothing to master. All we have to do is make space to show up as we are and find that the risen Jesus is already waiting to meet us there.


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Matt Carder

Matt Carder

Matt Carder is the founding pastor of Commonway. A 2002 graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, Matt backpacked solo to over 30 countries after graduation, before returning home to marry his college sweetheart, Liz. Commonway was birthed under his leadership in 2005 at Union Chapel, and was planted as an independent church in August of 2011. Matt graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2018. He enjoys each new life adventure with his wife and two children.

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