Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Bathsheba (& David) — Small Group Questions from 2.18.18

Hey Small Groups! Here’s an idea – Give some time to these questions below, for sure. That’s priority number 1. Give some time, too, this week to talk about Commonway’s recent trip to Nicaragua. If someone in your group has been to Caulatú, give them a chance to share and answer questions.  And by the way, we still have spots open for our trip in June. You should consider it!

  1. Read 2 Samuel 11.1-15 & 26-27 together.
  2. Most often, when this story is told or read, the focus is put on David – what led to his sin, his reaction to his sin, God’s displeasure with him.  But take some time to consider and talk about Bathsheba’s perspective. What might have this been like for her? What, really, were her options? What would it have been like to be this vulnerable, as a woman, in this situation?
  3. In Matthew, Ch.1, you’ll find Bathsheba listed as one of Jesus’s ancestors. (See Matthew 1.6)  King David and Bathsheba later became the parents of King Solomon. Think about that for a second…In the lineage of Jesus (Messiah & Son of God), we find David & Bathsheba, a marriage that began with rape & murder. Is this the kind of story that we expect to find in the Bible? Why or why not?
  4. How does this affect your understanding of God? What do we do with this, today, as followers of Jesus?
  5. On Sunday, Kimberly Majeski made this statement: “If you want to experience more Jesus, spend time with and love the most vulnerable among us.”  Who is God asking you to love? Who is God asking you to make a part of your life?