Following Jesus Into New Territory

Small Group Questions from April 15th

  1. A willingness to change….a willingness to be wrong….why can it be so incredibly difficult?  Even the most patient and kindhearted among us don’t always respond well to evidence that challenges our assumptions.
  2. Share a story or quick example of a time when you had to change something – the way you think or the way you act – because you realized you were wrong. It could be funny. It could be serious.
  3. Read Acts 4.1-17 together.
  4. It’s probably worth pausing here for a moment to look at the cast of characters in the passage. On one side, we have Peter & John. Who are they? As Jesus’s disciples, how do they fit into the bigger New Testament account? On the other side, we have the Sadducees and the elders and teachers of the law (including the high priest). Who are they? In general, how did they respond to the life and teaching of Jesus?
  5. Back to this particular passage…Why are Peter & John thrown into prison? And how does Peter respond when asked to answer to the charges?
  6. Peter’s answer seems to confound the leaders, but their response is to try and put a stop to Peter & John. In no way whatsoever is there any visible effort to even wrestle with the evidence in front of them. Why do you think these leaders show no ability (at least publicly) to question their assumptions? (This is almost a rhetorical question, for sure, but really dig into this and talk about what is stopping them from seeing the truth in front of them.)
  7. In what ways do you think this same type of unwillingness gets you into trouble?
  8. Where might God be asking you to be willing to change or be willing to be wrong? Tough question, right? How do we see what we can’t see? Another way to think about this might be…What (or who) are you fighting against right now? Where do you find yourself getting defensive or having to justify yourself over and over? Perhaps, that’s where God is trying to get your attention.