Following Jesus Into New Territory

Small Group Questions from April 22nd

  1. What’s something strange or funny that you believed as a kid that as an adult is just ridiculous? (For example, I thought windshield wipers could sense when it was raining and that’s why they worked intermittently.)
  2. What about something big, that as a kid, you hoped to accomplish or become? What became of that dream?
  3. Now what about something, that as an adult, you have experienced that was new and exciting? One of those times like new love, a new job, or a new faith where it seemed as if the world was your oyster? What’s that like?
  4. So here’s the inevitable next question….what’s it like when your dreams fall apart or that new love or new job stops being perfect? Or even more, when you experience deep hurt or loss? What sort of thoughts and feelings accompany that experience? Disillusionment,  disenchantment, frustration, confusion, grief?
  5. This is kind of the ultimate example, but read Genesis 3.23-24.  This “loss of innocence” that Adam & Eve experienced….is that just them or is it all of us?
  6. There are at least three options for how we respond…When have you experienced any of these?
    1. You try to turn back….as in, you try to hold on to or recreate the past.
    2. You camp out in a fallen world…which most likely leads to cynical and jaded.
    3. You follow Jesus into new territory…and discover a second innocence, a place where Jesus brings new life and new perspective.
  7. Finish with these three passages. What is Jesus inviting us into? What is he asking us to do and to believe?
    1. Matthew 10.16
    2. Luke 18.16-17
    3. John 10.27-28