Following Jesus Into New Territory

Small Group Questions from April 29th

Intro Questions

  1. You have $1,000,000 and five years. You can do anything you want as long as you go somewhere (or somewheres). What would you do?
    1. To clear up a few things….you don’t have to spend all the money, assume your debts are paid, and you can come home to visit.
  2. You have $1,000,000 and five years. You can do anything you want as long as you stay where you are and as long as you keep working (if you work now). What would you do?
    1. You don’t have to spend all the money, your debts are paid, and you can’t use the money to travel.

The Main Event

  1. The Bible is full of examples of people being called, sent out, or told to go…Abraham, Moses, Ruth, Paul…really, the list would go on for awhile.  Why do you think this seems to be such a huge part of the story of people following God?
  2. On the other hand, there are quite a few examples of people living most or all of their lives right where they are born….Samuel, David, Elijah, Mary, Jesus (?).  In modern Christianity, we don’t here a lot of talk along the lines of “Stay where you are!” or “Bloom Where You’re Planted.”  There aren’t a lot of best-selling books about “the adventures I had in my home town.”  Why do you think this is?
  3. Read Mark 5.1-20 together.
  4. Let’s look at this in three parts.
    1. Versus 1-14….What in the world is happening in this story? Talk through what stands out, what’s confusing, what the disciples reaction may have been, your response to this story.
    2. Versus 15-17…What’s the deal with people’s reaction? Can you relate to them?
    3. Versus 18-20…When the man asks to go with Jesus, he’s asking to be a disciple. But Jesus says, “Go home.” Why might staying home have been difficult for this man? And why do you think Jesus didn’t let him go with him?
  5. What is your reaction to these instructions from Saint Anthony (an Egyptian monk born in 251 A.D)….”Keep God before your eyes, pattern your life after Scriptures. In whatever place you find yourself, do not easily leave it.”
  6. There are times when God asks us to GO, make a big CHANGE, do something DIFFERENT, but often, God is asking us to STAY, love people well NEARBY, and life life obediently at HOME. What do you think God is asking of you in this season? What might God be asking you to do exactly where you are?