In 2013, a group of people came together to bring greater clarity to the values of the church. Over a period of six months, countless prayers, and a lot of discussion, this group landed on a clear vision, a simple mission statement, and five core values for our church. As we approach the fourth anniversary of becoming a church, we are still focused on living out that mission:

To Invite People to Find Hope in Jesus

How do we do that? These five values help us determine the shape and direction of everything we do:

Shared Grace

You’d think a church named Commonway would be full of people with a lot in common. Nope. We’re an eclectic group of students and professors, liberals and conservatives, both buttoned up and dressed down. Our common-way is depending on God’s transforming grace and learning to share it with others.

Authentic Relationships

This is the way we live out our faith. Authentic relationships are where we can be loved for who we are and love others just the same. We can challenge and be challenged, encourage and be encouraged, support and be supported. Together, we learn and grow closer to God more than we ever could on our own.

Generous Service

Giving your time and energy is about investing in others because you recognize God has already invested so much in you. It’s about reflecting God’s goodness. When we give, we are filled with joy and meaning because we get to play a part in a story much bigger than our own. Serving generously isn’t something we have to do; it’s something we’re blessed to do.

Biblical Accountability

Truth doesn’t have an expiration date. Although the cultural contexts and customs in the Bible have long since changed, the truth God speaks throughout does not. It is as applicable and riveting as ever, and it keeps us accountable in our lives today.

Intentional Discipleship

Our success as a church isn’t defined by how many seats are filled on a Sunday morning. It’s defined by how the people in those seats are growing to be more like Jesus, trusting in the hope He provides. Discipleship is a lifelong journey, a way of life. We are intentional about examining and growing in all aspects of our lives because of the hope we have been given.

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