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I’m extending a thank you to Carl Frost for preaching this past Sunday. If you didn’t get a chance to listen, I encourage you to click here and check that out.

The Power of God – January 24th – Carl Frost

I asked Carl to preach on this particular weekend because I was with our Vision Team for a retreat on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, you’ve heard me talk about this before. Since last June, we’ve been praying and dreaming and scheming with this great group of Commonway people. Our goal has been to discover a 10-year vision for our church. Where is God leading us? Who is he asking us to become?

This weekend was the culmination of eight months of work, sometimes frustrating and sometimes outright inspiring. To say it plainly, we believe we’ve heard from God. That is not something you’ll hear from me often, but in this case, it seems to us that the Holy Spirit is sending us and leading us into specific next steps.

I hope you’re wondering, So what it is? What is this vision?

I hate to disappoint, but I’m not going to share that yet. Here’s what I want to say now.

  1. It turns out we didn’t write a 10-year vision. We wrote a 7-year vision. There’s a sense of urgency to get started sooner rather than later.
  2. When we began this process last summer, we did so with some hesitation. Is this the right time? Because of the pandemic, do we really have the energy, the focus to take this on? Now that we’re at the other end, I am so glad we did this. It’s evident now that this has been the perfect time. How great is it going to be that as a sense of normal returns in 2021, we’ll be ready to go?
  3. If you’ve been around Commonway for any length of time, I’m confident you will see our DNA in this vision. It’s very much “Us.” We’re not trying to reinvent Church or dive off into a brand-new direction.
  4. March 14th – That’s the Sunday I’m going to lay it all out. Some of you will be watching online. Some of you will be in the building that Sunday. Either way, plan on being a part of the worship service. You don’t want to miss it.
  5. I’m asking you to pray. Pray that God will continue to speak and that we’ll have ears to hear. Pray for His continued guidance, and pray that we’ll be faithful to His leading.

One last thing!!!

Here’s a huge thanks and overwhelming gratitude to our vision team: Cameron Andry, Ted Baker, Leah Chandler, Ryan Gernand, and Jan Jones. What a blessing you are! I appreciate you, not to mention the time, the prayer, and the thought you’ve put into this process. We, as a church, owe you a debt of gratitude.

Matt Carder

Matt Carder

Matt Carder is the founding pastor of Commonway. A 2002 graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, Matt backpacked solo to over 30 countries after graduation, before returning home to marry his college sweetheart, Liz. Commonway was birthed under his leadership in 2005 at Union Chapel, and was planted as an independent church in August of 2011. Matt graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2018. He enjoys each new life adventure with his wife and two children.

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