In May of 2015, Commonway helped with the Old West End Neighborhood cleanup. We had more than 30 people of all ages volunteer. As a result, the neighborhood was able to make some major progress towards transforming the neighborhood into one that is more appealing. This year, we are continuing our tradition of helping with the cleanup on May 14th from 7:50 am – 12pm. Will you please join us as we reach out to our literal neighbors?

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This project is important to me personally for a number of reasons. After moving back to Muncie in the fall of 2014, I decided to look for a house. I wanted to live near Commonway and work in the community as well. In January of 2015, I moved into the Old West End. OWE is the neighborhood that is directly west of the Horizon Center. It encompasses the area from Liberty to Kilgore and from the White River to the train tracks.


Having lived in this neighborhood for a year now, I have come to realize a lot about my neighbors and the reputation OWE has in Muncie. Most people who have grown up in Muncie have a fear of the Old West End. When people hear where I live, many people remind me to be careful. I am questioned about the wisdom of my decision. I am reminded of the meth labs and shootings that have occurred in my neighborhood over time.

OWE 2015Despite all this (or maybe as a result), our neighborhood has an active neighborhood association. There are many people (both owners and renters) who are working hard to transform the image of the neighborhood. We are in direct opposition to the negative history and are helping with projects such as putting in parks and “pocket parks,” boarding up abandoned houses, and cleaning up the neighborhood. Sometimes it seems like a daunting task, but I have found my neighbors are determined to make the Old West End a great place to live and raise families.

I continue to hear gratitude from my neighbors for the help Commonway provided at the cleanup last year. The number of people that showed up surprised everyone. I would love to see our church continue to encourage my neighborhood as we work to transform the Old West End.

Please consider joining Commonway to bless the people of the Old West End on May 14th at 7:50am. We will be meeting at the corner of Howard and Council.

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