Who are the people you turn to when life is overwhelming? Who are the friends that you love to help when things aren’t going well? What about the people who make you laugh until your stomach hurts? Who are the ones helping you look for and draw closer to Jesus? We all need people like this in our lives.

Being part of a church is way better than simply showing up to an event. Even on our best days, being in a big gathering on Sunday morning can feel overwhelming and even lonely. At Commonway, we want you to be connected to other people in authentic relationships. That’s why Groups are such an important part of who we are. It’s how we make “church” small and personal. It’s in the context of a Group that you meet friends, find support and encouragement, wrestle with questions, and celebrate what God is doing in your life.

We want to help you find those relationships.

Join us on September 18, from 6:30-8:30pm for our GroupLink event.



It’s the easiest way for you to meet other people at Commonway and decide for yourself what kind of a group you want to be in, when you’ll meet, and what you’ll talk about.  GroupLink is a relaxed, fun environment that puts you in control, providing a safe opportunity to take a chance on investing in deeper community and relationships.

Signing up takes less than a minute and we’ll save you a spot. No long-term commitment, no strings attached. We just want to help you find the place where you belong.


Just about anything you can think of. We have women’s groups, a men’s group, and marriage groups. There are various small groups that meet around Muncie and across Delaware County: young couples, multigenerational, college-aged, married with kids, empty nesters, and many more. With an event like GroupLink, you can help create the kind of group you’d like to be in. 


Knowing more about Jesus doesn’t necessarily translate to personal growth. It’s how we apply that knowledge in our relationships that truly shapes who we are. Authentic relationships are the way we live out our faith. And more than anything else, Groups are about authentic relationships.

Every group takes on a shape of it’s own, defined by the personalities and engagement of the group members. Our hope is that your group will be a safe, trusted place for you to find hope in Jesus — no matter where you are in life or on your journey of faith. We are intentional about examining and growing in all aspects of our lives, because Jesus has called us to do just that and He is actively involved in making that happen. Our success as a church isn’t defined by how many seats are filled on Sunday mornings; it’s defined by how the individuals in those seats are growing to be more like Jesus and trusting in the hope He provides.

Join us on September 18, from 6:30-8:30pm for our GroupLink event.

“My experience in a small group was life changing. It allowed my wife and I to take the next step in our spiritual journey. It allowed us to be vulnerable and transparent enough to have the courage to share our life experiences with others, which gave others the confidence to share theirs with us.You feel encouraged because you discover that it’s not just you that is experiencing the trials of life, but others are right there with you.” – Joe

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