You already use your smartphone for dozens of things every day: it’s your alarm clock, a place to track your exercise and calories, the easiest way to listen to music on the go, a convenient way to check your bank account, and the hub for all of your selfies, social media sharing, and even the occasional Netflix binge. Many of you even use the Bible App on Sunday and throughout the week.

But did you know that Commonway is now in the Bible App? It’s true!

Events promo with app

Many of you are familiar with the Bible App. It’s a completely free app that allows you to read, listen, watch, and share the Bible no matter where you are. And now, Commonway is coming to the Bible App in a powerful way.

Starting this Sunday, you’ll be able to follow along with the message right in the Bible App. The new “Events” experience is loaded with really cool features:

  • Follow along with the message and key points
  • See the exact Bible passages being discussed
  • Take notes as you go along and save them for later
  • One-tap links to share a prayer request or ask for more info
  • Easy “online giving” for your tithe and offering
  • See our announcements and key things to know each week

By using the Bible App Events, you will be able to stay in step with the entire Sunday experience and take it with you throughout the week. That means you’ll learn and remember more at church, have a convenient place to look back during the week, and have easy, one-tap ways to take action on next steps in getting connected or involved with the Commonway community.

Here are a few preview images from our Easter service:

“Sounds awesome! What do I need to do to get started?”

  • If you don’t already have the Bible App on your smartphone, just head to in your mobile browser. You’ll be automatically directed to your app store to download the app for free.
  • If you do have the Bible App, be sure you have the latest version (Events is a brand-new feature, so you need to make sure you’re up-to-date). Just search for “Bible” or “YouVersion” in your app store and see if you have an update waiting.

Once you have the latest version of the Bible App:

  • For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch:
    • Open up the app, then find our church by tapping “More” and then “Events.” Next, search for “Commonway” and you’ll see our live Event.
  • For Android:
    • Open up the app, then find our church by tapping the menu icon (it’s the three-lined icon at the top left) and then “Events.” Next, search for “Commonway” and you’ll see our live Event.



Is it really okay to use my phone in church?

  • Yes! Being able to take notes and follow along in the Bible App is as about as easy it gets, so go for it! You’re far more likely to take notes and follow along with the help of your phone, rather than having to remember your physical Bible and stash away all of your handwritten notes inside the cover for years to come. The biggest upside to using the Bible App and Events is that your phone goes with you everywhere – and now the key points, Bible passages, your notes, and any announcements can go with you, too.

Aren’t people just going to be on Facebook or texting instead of paying attention?

  • We aren’t your parents and trust you can make your own wise choices (if you are in middle or high school, then you need to listen to your parents). If you know you’ll get too distracted by texts, notifications, and cat memes, then consider taking notes on paper or in a notebook instead.
  • At the end of the day, we want you to do what is going to help you stay engaged, learn, and grow. We think the Bible App is a fantastic tool for people already using technology in other areas of life. Worried that other people with look down at you or think you’re just on social media? Feel free to personally share the Bible App and our Commonway Events with them before or after service.

When I create a note, share a prayer request, ask for more info, or give online through the Event, where does that go? Is it private?

  • Your notes are just for you, unless you explicitly chose to share them. Neither Commonway nor the Bible App can see them. 
  • Prayer requests are private. They are sent directly to our pastors, who review them and will only share them as needed with other staff, elders, and prayer team members. You can always indicate any follow up desired in the request.
  • Any request for more info—if you sign up to serve, get connected to a small group, or want to talk with a pastor—will be received by a staff member and then responded to appropriately.
  • If you give online, that is a secure and private transaction that is facilitated through our online database, “The Commons.” For more information about online giving, please visit our giving page:

What if I need more help finding the Events or using the Bible App?

  • We’d love to help! On Sunday, stop by the Connection Table in the lobby for help. Or you can find Adam (our Connections Pastor), too. You can also send an email to and we’ll do our best to help (tech support isn’t always easy over email, so we’ll give it our best shot!)

Events are just one part of the Bible App. You can subscribe to daily Devotionals, let the Bible read to you, and watch videos, as well as personalize your experience with bookmarks, highlights, notes, and even connect with your friends in the app to encourage and be encouraged through your Bible activity.

With more than 20 Bible translations in English (and more than 1200 versions in over 900 languages), this is the only digital Bible experience you will ever need. It’s also one you can share with anyone you meet. To download the free Bible App for any mobile device, visit: