“What will the world miss if you don’t tell your story?” – Donald Miller

Every single person has a story.

We believe every story matters and God is working in and through each one of us. We may not all have dramatic or shocking stories of our faith journeys to share, but we do all have stories of searching, discovering, and hoping in Jesus.

As we approach our 5-year anniversary as a church, we want to share stories about YOUR faith journeys and how Commonway has helped your relationship with God grow. And we need your help to make that happen! 

To get started, you can submit a short video. Follow the directions and suggestions below. If you do decide to share a video – thank you! We’ll look for opportunities to share as many of them as we can.

What should you say?

  • Just answer one or a combination of these questions in your video
    • How has Commonway helped your relationship with God grow in the last five years?
    • What were your expectations, fears, or thoughts (about church, God, Jesus, etc.) before you starting coming to Commonway? How has that changed over time?
    • What does inviting people to find hope in Jesus mean to you?
    • What is your prayer to God for Commonway in the next 5 years?
    • Do you have another story you want to tell?
How do you record the video?
  • Below, simply click “Record Video.” You may need to give permission to access your camera/microphone. (This access will only last while you are viewing this post. Once you leave the page, the access is revoked.
  • Once you hit record, it does not start automatically. You’ll need to hit a second record button to actually begin. Once you stop, you’ll have a chance to review the video, reshoot, or submit.
  • Start your video by saying your name (first and last).
  • Please keep videos under 3 minutes. Even a 30 second story can be powerful. If you want to share for more than three minutes, please submit multiple videos with each having a maximum length of 3 minutes.

Recording Tips:

  • Be Yourself:
    Relax, be conversational, and don’t worry about “getting it perfect.” We want to hear from real, authentic people sharing from their own perspectives. You should share what’s inside you, not what you think we are looking for.
  • Lighting:
    Try to avoid any bright lights or open windows directly behind you or above you. Natural lighting is best. Having good lighting directed at your face is great, too.
  • Sound:
    Find a quite place where you aren’t likely to be to be interrupted. Talk at a conversational level, not at a whisper. Turn off any fans, radios, or other noise-makers so we can hear you clearly. It’s okay to use headphones if you need to, but otherwise try to record without them.
  • Background:
    Nothing fancy needed. A blank wall is okay. A bookshelf, an open room. Try not to have any products, labels, or potentially distracting items or images visible behind you.
When do you need to record your video testimonial by?
  • We will be collecting stories through July 27.


Click “Record Video” below to get started.

Once you hit submit, we will get an email notification about your submission. If we have any questions or need to follow up, we’ll reach out by email or on a Sunday morning.