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  • See our “Bible App Event” for a full list of Scripture references from this message


  •  Matt outlined five ways we (and many before us) have focused on something other than having a relationship with God: Tradition (what we’ve made up), Torah (the Law), Tribalism (purity), Territory (places), and the Temple (forgiveness through ritual). Is there one of these that you’re likely to prioritize or hold on to in an unhealthy way?
  • Looking back to the beginning of creation, in the Garden there was no religion. Have you noticed that before? Why do you think there weren’t a lot of rules, rituals, or directions at the outset? How does this change the way you think about how Jesus is leading us to live now?
  • Matt said, “If you wipe it all away, erase your memory of church, faith, and religion. Then pick up Gospels, here’s what you’d discover: it’s unbelievably relational.” Do you agree? If it’s true, where does all of the extra stuff people associate with church and religion come from?
  • “When you focus in on being with Jesus, you have a lot less energy for paying attention to what other people are doing…” Do you fall into the trap of focusing on other things? What is practical one way you can focus on being in a relationship with Jesus this week?


  • Jesus didn’t speak about religion, but used other images to help us understand His work and the nature of God and His Kingdom. Father/child, vine/branch, shepherd/sheep. Spend some time looking through the Gospels for examples of these. How do these help you understand God’s relationship with us?
  • What steps do you need to take to rest in Jesus? Read Matthew 11:28-30 and ask God to help you understand how to live the life described in the passage.


  • “Act just once in such a manner that your action expresses that you fear God alone and man not at all – you will immediately in some measure cause a scandal.” – Søren Kierkegaard
  • “It is no surprise, in the view of his teachings and actions, that Jesus was crucified. What is surprising is that it did not happen sooner.” – Dr. Ben Witherington III
  • “Religion, therefore, is a loser, a strictly fallen activity. It has a failed past and a bankrupt future. There was no religion in Eden and there won’t be any in heaven; and in the meantime Jesus has died and risen to persuade us to knock it all off right now.” – Robert Farrar Capon


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